Sunday, March 9, 2014

WATCH The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 13 Alone

One group finds what may be an ideal shelter, while others realize protection is all around them.
Everyone is complaining about the last episode ... I thought it was a good one in a sense they were mourning the loss of their lives pretty much. They know they're going to die and now they have embraced it in an episode. If I'm genuinely surprised when the episode ends and I thought it should keep going because I am actually that into it....that's a good episode to me.

Series Information: The world we knew is gone. A scourge of prophetically catastrophic extents has cleared the globe initiating the dead to ascent and eat the living. In a matter of months social order has disintegrated. In a world led by the dead, we are compelled to at last begin living.

Taking into account a comic book arrangement of the same name by Robert Kirkman, this AMC task keeps tabs on the world after a zombie end times. The arrangement accompanies a cop, Rick Grimes, who gets up from a state of insensibility to discover the world desolated with zombies. Searching for his family, he and an assembly of survivors endeavor to fight against the zombies so as to stay alive.

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If I can't see through the fog/smoke I don't think the walkers would be able to either, they would wonder around, I would have been back to back also but killing one makes noise and attracts more. I hope Bob is okay. Burn a cabin in the woods all night and if it rain it might create this fog/smoke maybe I'm just guessin' I want them to be close to Daryl and beth

When Lizzie first came on the scene I thought oh great an age appropriate girl Carl can pair up with. But Lizzie went psycho so that was a bust! Now along comes Hot Pants and I'm wondering if sparks will fly for Carl when he sees her! Seems like she would be a perfect match for him, Carl will have to deal with big Abe, but I think he can hold his own should it come to that. After all Carl is a man now according to Rick, an underdeveloped man but a man nonetheless!

Omg! Didn't realize you could actually leave comments. Thanks Amc!
If Daryl only let Carl have his way and shoot the Governor they all wouldn't be in this mess. But then we wouldn't have anything to talk about.Would we?

I don't think that theres really a good answer to that. If Carl shot and missed, the hostages were dead. If Carl wounded him, the hostages were dead and the group would attack the prison. If Carl killed him, the group would have attacked the prison. Personally, I think that even if they had packed up, the Gov would have killed the hostages and found a way to (at least TRY) to kill them on the way out. I think Daryl was hoping that Rick could figure out another way.


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